4. Session - Rhetoric - effective questioning - and listening techniques, Adobe Research Schweiz AG, Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019

Communication is complicated. Because of the number of variables involved, even simple requests are extremely complex. Whenever we communicate are at least 6 people involved: (1) who you think you are, (2) who you think the other person is, (3) who you think the other person thinks you are,  (4) who the other person thinks he/she is, (5) who the other person thinks you are, (6) who the other person thinks you think he/she is.
We believe in the power of communication, but we know that is not an easy topic, together with Joy Corporate we are selecting the best coaches for this one year workshop series. We are opening this workshop for non-Adobe people as well.
Our intro on 19th July 2018, works as a preparation for the series that will begin in September this 2018 and goes until July 2019. All Workshops will be hosted in our office. You can choose to do all or pick the one that suits better to you.
Session details: Nothing more shows your interlocutor that you care about him than attentive questions. On the one hand, you learn about each other, which is important to you and the successful course of the conversation. On the other hand, the other participant notes that you are very interested in his opinion and assessment. Listening is important too! We will provide you great techniques for listening, asking and convincing. 

Intro and Analysis with coaches - Agenda
18:00 Opening and Registration
18:30 Workshop - Details coming soon
20:00 Q&A
20:15 Networking 
21:00 End
Coaches info for this session:
Manuela Di NardoInfo will be added soon
Here you can register for the other workshops:
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Session - Rhetoric - effective questioning - and listening techniques - 16th Jan 2019 (Coach: Manuela Di Nardo)
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Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019, Adobe Research Schweiz AG, 4. Session - Rhetoric - effective questioning - and listening techniques

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