Building a Business with DoTerra, Back2Balance, Dienstag, 17. September 2019

Did you know that DoTerra has a bigger purpose than the production of the purest and most potent essential oils in the world? They are a company whose mission is to help and heal others. Their global humanitarian efforts are already astounding and they continue to grow around the world.
If you`ve ever wanted to work for a company that has true values and purpose than join me to learn how you can build a business with DoTerra.
DoTerra Essential oils are used not only because they smell amazing but also because they have tremendous therapeutic & medicinal benefits (both physically and emotionally). You can`t get the same benefit from using other oils of lesser quality- and DoTerra is committed to maintaining and proving that every bottle is of the highest quality by sharing publicly all of their internal and third party testing results. No other essential oil company in the world does this!
DoTerra Essential oils can help millions of people improve their quality of life. You may already know that they are used widely by individuals, families, yoga studios and spas. But imagine what the impact could be if doctors, dentists, therapists, schools and hospitals started to replace so many of the harmful and toxic medications and products with nature`s greatest source of healing?
We do not `sell`or `push`people to buy a product, we teach people how to live a healthier life. We work in a team of wonderful people who also share the same values and vision. You will get all the guidance and support you need.
If you want to join my team then please join the workshop to learn more.  
If you are interested but can't join 1 of the 2 dates message me and we can set up a call.
This is a free workshop and is open to anyone on my team or is new to DoTerra.

Dienstag, 17. September 2019, Back2Balance, Building a Business with DoTerra

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