Covee office warming party in Zurich!, Trust Square, Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2018

Covee Network has the pleasure of inviting you at our new office space in Zurich on Wednesday 23 May 2018! We are delighted to be based in Trust Square, the Swiss hub for Blockchain technology.6.30pm Presentation on the Future of Work by Covee's CEO Marcel Dietsch (4th floor, workshop area)7.00pm Drinks and hors d'oeuvre (4th floor, rooftop)

To give you a glimpse of the exciting things that we are building at Covee, watch this video. More details on May 23rd!

Location: Trust Square, Bahnhofstrasse 3, 8001 ZurichTelephone: +41 78 744 3922Contact: info@

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2018, Trust Square, Covee office warming party in Zurich!

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