Drawing at work? Drawing for work!, Regus Basel Clarahuus, Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2019

Do you SEE what I mean ...?”
We have been communicating with images for thousands of years. In prehistoric caves, we find wonderful stories (rock art) about people, animals, and places represented by pictograms, that fascinate the eyes of each observer.
Using drawings to tell a story is not a skill we need to learn since we are born with it. Unfortunately and due to our educational system, that strongly links the written information with the learning and communication process, we have lost the ability to communicate visually and with it to actively captivate and engage our audience with the format of the message we send. In working life, communication is about decision making and task execution. The information that flows from an executive level should always lead to action. The use of visual aids is crucial to ensure clear and error-free communication, especially in critical times.
In this conference, Antonio will talk about the benefits of visual communication in the work life. At the same time, he will demonstrate the strength and power of visual communication in group dynamics - a subject that is in and of itself related to leadership and management. Visual Communication in business life is NOT "just another way to communicate" but it is the ONLY effective and efficient one!
Antonio Zamora is a Chilean electronics engineer with studies in management (executive MBA), project management and process engineering. He has been leading teams for about 15 years for large Swiss organizations (Roche, ALSTOM, Swisscom, etc.). Since 2014, Antonio has been coaching business teams and individuals of all backgrounds (school teachers, salesmen, therapists, consultants, psychologists, etc.) in visual communications and leadership.
Antonio Zamora

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The event will be followed by a free sandwich lunch offered by Regus Business Centers Basel.

Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2019, Regus Basel Clarahuus, Drawing at work? Drawing for work!

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