Experience Living Without Pain!, Mühlebachstrasse 46, Sonntag, 24. März 2019

Your brain is the supercomputer that oversees all functions of your body, once there’s a glitch somewhere, the body doesn’t perform the way it should. For over two decades I’ve studied, researched and have helped thousands of people in clinical practices worldwide… So the good news is that I am can save years of agony and money with my hands on neuro re-patterning treatments. 
My focus, insight and expertise play a vital role during the treatments, so rest assure you will be in good hands just like many of my patients feel each time they are being treated by me. The changes are extra-ordinary.
This is a great opportunity to see how the body responds to this alternative and powerful approach to pain relief and a healthier existence! My treatments are done in person and are quite enjoyable. I find the weakness or “short circuit” In the body and then signal the brain to reconnect and resume proper function. Your body auto corrects and repairs itself when working at optimum levels and this upgrades every aspect of your life.
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Sonntag, 24. März 2019, Mühlebachstrasse 46, Experience Living Without Pain!

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