foraus China Policy Expert Talk with Daniel Woker and Philippe Welti, foraus GS, Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2019

Following foraus Asia’s publication outlining the policy domains Switzerland can and needs to act regarding China on, we aim to create a Swiss platform for policy expertise on China by connecting competences. Join us as we host experts for in-depth and informal discussions in an intimate setting on a diverse selection of China-related policy issues throughout 2019.
Before a short summer break, we have the pleasure to welcome former Ambassadors Daniel Woker and Philippe Welti, founders of Share-An-Ambassador for our fourth CPET. Register now for a seat at the table!
The Geopolitical Implications of a Rising China
Chinese expansionism under Xi-Jinping. The respective push back from US/Japan/India/Australia in form of the Quadrilateral Dialogue (The Quad). The ASEAN between a rock and a hard place. The reaction from Eurasia: Russia, Central Asia and Europe.
Share-an-Ambassador/Geopolitical coaching, commercially registered under Swiss law, describes, analyses and explains, in the form of oral and written briefings, how the world ticks and further shows how such geopolitical due diligence can be learned and practiced.  Experienced ambassadors with a solid background in international diplomacy and direct experience in the countries/regions described form the backbone of Share-an-Ambassador, with other geopolitical experts ready in the wings.

Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2019, foraus GS, foraus China Policy Expert Talk with Daniel Woker and Philippe Welti

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