GZ-BASEL 2018 * selection procedure until 25 September 2017, Basel, Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018

GZ-BASEL 2018    4th  edition   14 - 17  June 2018An der Messe, Schönaustrasse 10 , 4058 Basel , Switzerland* Curated and organized by GaleriaZero from The Netherlands.Theme:  Art experience. The new priority.

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GZ-BASEL 2018 is an international satellite fair for visual artists.  Professional artists producing innovative art of high quality (all media) , will be considered for inclusion. Participation allows artists to form part of the art panorama during the week that the whole city is involved in art when the leading art fairs are opening their doors.Our well accommodated space,  just a few steps from the famous Art Basel, has an excellent access for the public, plenty of daylight and an inspiring surrounding.
GZ-BASEL 2018  The 4th edition of a satellite fair for artists, just a few steps from Art Basel.We consider the following media:  painting, photography, installation-art, sculpture and video.​Theme:  Art experience. The new priority.​​If we speak about value, in fact we speak about experiences. We appreciate an artwork because of the feeling it provides us. A visit to an exhibition should bear enough enriching experience to make that we do not leave the show the same way as we entered. Art collectors and art lovers in general often do not search only for works that have the possibility to get more value during the years.  They more and more give priority to the “Here and Now experience”, which obviously is the only existing and the unique situation to come to a deeper understanding of things. There is a priority for a unique feeling that an artwork provides, a lost universe transmitted by an artwork and touching forgotten areas of our soul. That is really a value that somebody wish to take with him. It reminds us every day that special feeling that connects us with the meaning of an artwork and the value it provides for the quality of life.  Also, the conjunction of an exhibition should have enough visual and interactive ingredients to stimulate, not only our feelings and imagination, but as well our awareness often entering in another level. This is exactly what we pretend with GZ-BASEL 2018. The best and most innovative contemporary art from all over, ready to transmit their meaning to our senses and convince us again about the beauty and quality of life.​

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2018, Basel, GZ-BASEL 2018 * selection procedure until 25 September 2017

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