Healing breathwork session with Tim - Wim Hoff trained therapist, PaintLounge - PaintEvents Malstudio, Sonntag, 05. Mai 2019

Join a healing breathwork session with TimTim Herman is a 400h Sivananda Yoga Teacher, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a biodynamic breathwork & trauma release therapist who is trained by Wim Hof. Breathwork is a very effective way to release physical, psychological & emotional stress and tension that we carry with us. With the deep and connected breath we can reconnect to our true nature. The connected breathing cleanses your nervous system and makes room for clarity, new insights and healing. The event will be assisted by at least one other Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release practitioner to ensure that you have a great experience.Tim fell in love with the breath during his 400h Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training. Ever since he is fascinated by this powerful tool and what we can do with it. Tim is a Level 2 practitioner of the Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release method which will have the main focus of the event. He is also trained in Kundalini Yoga which focuses strongly on energy and breathing. Tim has trained with Wim Hof himself and is a great fan of the method while combining meditation, cold exposure and breathing. In the past years he has found interest in Osho`s active meditations and teachings which will be included in the workshop. As a enthusiast of live Tim is into bio hacking, personal development, dancing, breathing in any form, health, nutrition & the workshop we will use Breath, Movement, Sound, Touch, Emotions and Meditation as tools.We release the energetic charge by a using a connected breathing technique which allows the very essence of your life force energy to flow through your body in a conscious way, clearing blocks and making space within to experience life. Touch and bodywork supports the opening of tense muscular tissue, as well as to comfort and bring safety during the our body is charged with bioenergy, we encourage the physical release in the form of vibration and tremoring which discharges excess energy that has been trapped in our muscles. Emotions and feelings that have been suppressed and unacknowledged begin to rise to the surface following the opening of muscular tenseness and an opportunity for deeper connection with our self and supports a life of emotional freedom and mastery.As Bio-Dynamic breath therapists, we will support you and hold space to allow you to fully express and release what has been held frozen in your body, allowing you to be your own - 14:00Please come a few minutes before the start to find your place and be comfortable.We might finish a bit comfy clothing that allow you to move and breath free, please also bring a water bottle and something to write. A fully belly is not the best option to go in a breathing session, so please have a light breakfast in the is an additional link to inform yourself about breathwork:

Sonntag, 05. Mai 2019, PaintLounge - PaintEvents Malstudio, Healing breathwork session with Tim - Wim Hoff trained therapist

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