Hunter Moon Gratitude Circle, Yogatribe Studio, Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2019

As the decade is coming to a close it is the time to reflect on how much we have overcome in the past 10 years!Often we look at what we can attain in a single day but this is not seeing the bigger picture. We are contantly striving for more success but barely take the time to realise all we have and most of all who we have in our Full moon cirlce we will give gratitude for what we have over come in the past decade and make space for the beautiful experiences ahead of us.We will do a wonderful Kundalini meditation for gratitude and abundance, and we will have time to chat about the experience over tea and chocolate afterwards!I am looking forward to meeting you of love NessaTo register please mail me at or send a private message to yoga4sensitivity on facebook. Exchange is 30.- sfr.

Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2019, Yogatribe Studio, Hunter Moon Gratitude Circle

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