Interview Workshop by Claudia Raine, Coworking Nike Basel, Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019

Interview Workshop
Career Development

Preparation before going to a job interview is crucial, it will increase your chances of getting the job.
It won't only increase your self-confidence but you will avoid freezing when asked situational questions.
It can be incredibly overwhelming to look for a job and grow your career when everything around you is moving so fast.  Together we’ll get you through the overwhelm and ready for that next step in your career.  Take charge of your future and join us.

In this session, we’ll focus on:

The key questions that you have to prepare for an interview.

Ways to build up your confidence before an interview

How to shape your answers.

The main benefits are…

Feel more comfortable in your next job interview.

An opportunity to practice your answers.

Understanding what to expect from an interviewer.

This is for you if you’re,

Ready to position yourself for fantastic future opportunities.

Looking for new career opportunities.

Changing your career direction (or thinking about it).

Wanting to overcome feeling “stuck” in an interview.

 What to bring:

A positive attitude.

A pen and pad to take notes.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

“After failing 2 job interviews, I decided to ask Claudia to coach me. All I can say is she has contributed decisively to my quest for nailing a dream job.
Getting Claudia as my personal coach was one of my best decisions and made the difference in a selection procedure for which over 400 people applied.
Claudia helped structure the information in my head and efficiently connect the dots. Short, simple and concise, her methods and technique shaped the way I performed during the interview, so the rest came naturally.
Claudia can help anyone achieve their goals, be it getting a job or starting over professionally. I highly recommend Claudia as an excellent Career Development Coach!”
Alex, Communications Professional, husband, and father - Netherlands

"I would recommend Claudia as a coach or consultant. I was at a point where I thought about moving out of my comfort-zone and following a new career path. I found dialog with Claudia, using StrengthsFinder as a foundation, really allowed me to reach inside myself and have the courage to make the move. I am very happy in my new role and look forward to pushing myself to achieve more. Learning how your strengths and weaknesses can be combined to make the right combination suited to your needs is a journey, but a first class one!"
Aaron, Senior Consultant Pharma - Switzerland
Claudia, usually I never go to coaches, and because I tried desperately for 6 months to find a job, I decide to go and meet Claudia, and believe me or not, after meeting with her I got a job. She is really helpful and very structured and gave me real tips, and with her past experience, she knows what she talking about! So definitely 5-star coach.
Irina, MBA Finance Analyst - Switzerland
“Claudia has not just given me a path to a new career but she has turned my life upside down she has given me strength, determination, confidence. Do yourself a favor and go and meet her. She's your modern day Superwoman.”
Michaela, Event Manager – Switzerland

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019, Coworking Nike Basel, Interview Workshop by Claudia Raine

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