Prenatal Yoga, NiLU Yoga, Dienstag, 03. Dezember 2019

All expectant mothers from pregnancy week 14 onwards are welcome to join this class.
The focus of the class is in supporting the preparation for labour, both physically and mentally. Through the active poses and deep relaxation techniques, you will gain a deeper and more meaningful experience of the pregnancy, birthing process, and motherhood. Each pregnancy is unique, which is why each practitioner will be treated as an individual providing personal assistance whenever needed during the class.
You will learn relaxation and breathing techniques, how to connect with the baby to create a feeling of oneness, how to center yourself, and how to get more energized. Physical movements together with deep breathing will help you do the poses mindfully, with full awareness of the breath.
Every class will start with a meditation / breathing exercise session that helps you center yourself and connect with your baby. There will be a balanced flow of active practices and relaxation. The movements are rhythmic and always done pacing with the pace of your own breath. This allows everyone to do the poses as it is best for their body and baby. All movements are safe and carefully designed.
NO CLASSES on the following dates:
23.7., 30.7., 6.8.
- Please arrive on time for classes. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the class so that you have time to prepare your space and we can start the class on time.
- If you are late for class, please wait outside until the meditation / breathing exercise is done. I will then come and open the door so that you can join in.
- The studio provides mats, props, and refreshments.
- If you would like to come for a drop-in class please email me ( beforehand so that I know you are coming to class.
- The 5-times card is valid for 6 weeks starting from the first usage. 
The 10-times card is valid for three months starting from the first usage.

Dienstag, 03. Dezember 2019, NiLU Yoga, Prenatal Yoga

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