Swisscom Blockchain Academy - Starter Training - No. 5, Zürich, Montag, 20. Mai 2019

The Academy: Be prepared for the decentralized Future
Distributed Ledger Technologies are changing the way how businesses operate and interact with each other. We believe that today's businesses need to keep up the pace with this disruptive force and prepare themselves for ever changing business models and decentralized economies. That is why Swisscom Blockchain Academy has set itself the mission to provide hands-on trainings and seminars featured with real live project experiences from the advisory practice and its partner companies and academic institutions.
Starter Pack: Start with a solid understanding of blockchain technology
This 4-day program has been designed for both business & technical enthusiasts and covers various topics; from the core structure and technical mechanisms of a blockchain, to smart contract models and token generation.
Focus on:
✔ History and foundations of cryptography, blockchain and cryptocurrencies✔ ICOs, Token economics and market regulation✔ Smart contract modeling, programming and deployment✔ Business use cases, architecture and implementation
We provide the best environment and the necessary tools to make the best out of your learning experience, plus you get the valuable chance to exchange thoughts and knowledge with other members of the crypto valley!
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Montag, 20. Mai 2019, Zürich, Swisscom Blockchain Academy - Starter Training - No. 5

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