The Secret of Awareness: Deconstructing Mindfulness Atelier , Langstrassenkultur, Samstag, 11. Mai 2019

“We’re all very good at developing mental worst-case scenarios and then convincing ourselves that it’s an inevitability.” - Jake Wilder
You are a crystal clear pool of serenity, compassion and kindness where an inconsequential disturbance on the surface (as#hole boss, **** that cut you off on the highway, your precious toddler with the lungs of Pavarotti, your partner who has no clue how to cut butter or to slice bread, etc.), does not reach the immense peace of your being.
You still feel the pangs of your ego being hurt; sometimes you even feel jealousy, resentment, fear, anxiety, and worries, stress or even anger, and yet you know that everything is transient and that there might be other reasons that have nothing to do with you.
You are confident yet approachable, assertive yet supportive, you can clearly communicate and still make the other person feel heard.
If this sounds like you, I must meet you and know your secret ASAP! I mean it, send me a message, a carrier pigeon if you prefer, but contact me! I want you as my guru!
If you, on the other hand, are anything like me, you sometimes struggle to understand your own thoughts and feelings.
You burst-out in sudden tears, you don’t know how to deal with the monkey thoughts that run amok in your brain, stress has wrecked havoc in your wellbeing, serene is a state as far as Oklahoma, you feel lost and so much under pressure from X (insert here: parents, family, spouse, children, society, friends, facebook, media, advertisements, etc.) that you started to believe you might be a dormant volcano, and sometimes you even question your own purpose.
Take a deep breath. Take a couple. All is as it is, right now.
I now know, even though I do forget it at times, that all is as is and that the meaning I assign to whatever is occurring is my choice.
I remind myself that there are other possibilities other than my first reaction. I am as I am, and it is my choice and right to be what I want to become.
What has changed for me on my quest of self-development, is how I deal with my emotions, reactions, and thoughts.
Fear, anger, sadness, hurt, and any other emotions that seem unhelpful, still find their way into my heart, and yet they lost their grip on my being. I'm of the time!
I found that the art and science behind a Mindfulness meditation practice is so simple to learn (although not easy to maintain) and that the returns of this investment time are tenfold, that I now, with playfulness and passion, transmit and share this tool with others.
You are invited to join me in this first introduction atelier, where we will go over the fundamentals of Mindfulness: a deconstruction of your point of awareness if you will.
In short: Mindfulness is not a magic potion or dogma/faith-based (it can be if you wish), and neither a quick fix. Mindfulness is a tool, that can work as a key to unlock our problem-solving mechanism.
These are some of the benefits of regular mindfulness practice:-built-up resilience to stress and burnout-conscious incorporation of highly efficient breaks and relaxation in everyday life-better focus on goals and stronger concentration-release of full potential-more fully developed leadership skills-increased self-confidence and self-esteem
See you at the event!

What can I bring into the event?
- Non-Judgemental attitude- Open-Mindset- Willingness to learn something new- Meditation cushion (if you have your favorite, but not necessary)
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
You can send me an email at
Good to know
Water & Snacks will be served
Part 1: 2pm-3.30 pm (deconstruction)15min breakPart 2: 3.45pm-5pm (reconstruction)
Please arrive at least 5 min in advance; the door will close at 2 pm
A smaller private group for this event will be held on the 16.05.2019 at 7 pm.

Samstag, 11. Mai 2019, Langstrassenkultur, The Secret of Awareness: Deconstructing Mindfulness Atelier

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