Tridosha Balancing Hatha Yoga Class, Back2Balance, Freitag, 07. Juni 2019

Tridosha Balancing Hatha Yoga is an integrative practice of ancient times and tradition. This practice balances the pranic flow, your innate life force energy or chi/qi.  By balancing inner and outer prana, mental and physical blockages can be identified and over time, gently released. In this practice, you are guided to flow through gentle, yet strong asanas/postures along with conscious breathing to culture wholesome relaxation.  As a result, tensions are more easily released, resulting in improved health on multiple levels.
The Tridosha Balancing practice leads you beyond competition and physical appearance into a meditative experience and an intimate meeting with your True Self.  
This practice teaches subconscious relaxation that you can integrate into daily life.  This embodying, tantric practice builds strength and flexibility, integrates subtle awareness and balance into daily life and helps you to cultivate trust in yourself by growing your intuitive awareness as you let your body guide you through the practice. 
The class is open to beginners, as well as to advanced practitioners who would like to take their practice a step further.
Price: CHF 50
Full Weekend Package including Yoga & Saturday & Sunday Workshops:
CHF 260 

Freitag, 07. Juni 2019, Back2Balance, Tridosha Balancing Hatha Yoga Class

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