Trust Square Educational Series - Learn to Read Markets!, TRUST SQUARE, Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2019

Following on from the very insightful presentation in December last year, Trust Square and Taso Anastasiou will be hosting the first of a series of eductaional seminars in June looking at various techniques based on technical analysis that can be applied to Cryptocurrencies. If you have a passion for trading or investing in these markets, Taso will introduce you to tools and methods that will allow you to confidently evaluate market conditions, identify investment or trading opportunities and manage risk effectively.The focus will be on introducing the Point & Figure (P&F) chart and how to apply it within the market place. This is one of the oldest processes of recording price data and is an effective chart type to use for both analysing and trading digital currencies.You will gain an understanding of how the chart is constructed. Taso will explain how P&F data can be used to both analyse and trade digital currencies. Some elements such as trend structure and moving average analysis will be introduced to show how these can help facilitate the decision making process. Taso will also share some proprietary approaches he applies to these markets.If you are interested in developing a disciplined approach to evaluating Crypto currencies and would also like to gain an understanding of tools that allow you to more confidently trade and invest, then please join us in June for the first of two exciting educational seminars.

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2019, TRUST SQUARE, Trust Square Educational Series - Learn to Read Markets!

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