abstract: space tech and earth tech, water tech and metal tech, carbon tech and mind tech. pictures and videos of space events. crazy space exploration advances despite political insanity on the home planet. general technological vision and promise of a sane future. further questions concerning the question: why go into space? everything is natural. technology is nature. reality is an intelligence test. also: radical transhumanist poets, transmutative tunes and who knows what. event is valid for the next 50 years. never underestimate the power of being a bit silly. seriously, though. humans. tech can do beautiful things, let’s figure out what they are? in 200 years we can colonize the galaxy. in 50 years we can at least create a golden age for all DNA on this rock! just to be clear: there here shall be posted links to crazy good space and tech stuff and the dusty edge where science and art make love. join if you feel driven. hopefully there will be disagreement concerning the merits of particular ideas and general consideration. it is an argument for optimism and skepticism as much as agnosticism, science and zen. the basic tenet is the intolerable disparity between military and science budgets: e.g. if in doubt, have a look at space via this HD space webcam on the ISS (going around the earth in ~1.5h, half of it on the night side, half on it on the sun-lit beauty that is earth, wait until you see the sunset): Entfernen oder Ereignis zu aktualisieren Fievent.com | Kontakt | Privacy | Terms